Sunday, February 24, 2008

I printed at the Warhol!

My brothers and I went to Pittsburgh on Saturday. [click for the full photoset]

We drove around the city and found this little square of what looked like cute little cafes, a coffee and tea shop, and so on. We even found a parking space, so we parked and walked to the coffee and tea place. It was adorable, and had all of the teas you could ever want! Plus, they had biscuits and cookies and biscotti and tons of coffee roasts and it smelled heavenly in there. Two nice students were working and they told us that the city, in general, is pretty dead on Saturdays. What kind of city IS this, we wondered?!

We walked across the street to City Cafe to find something to eat, and there was a "back in ten minutes" sign on the door. We stood out front, looking at the signs. I liked the look of Buon Giorno. Finally, a grey haired man popped his head outside and told us we were a disgrace drinking coffee out of paper cups. At first we thought he was just messing with us, but then he went off on a tirade about how we might as well throw them on the ground and that our kids were going to get cancer from all the waste we produce and blah blah blah... He was a total jerk, and after telling him so, we left.

We drove around some more, and decided to find the Andy Warhol Museum. We got there around 1pm, and by the time we were leaving the place had become quite full. I definitely recommend going early in the day because after 2pm the lines are long and the crowd is plentiful. We wandered through the gift shop and down to the cafe. After a peak down a hallway I spotted a PhotoBooth! Bryan headed over to investigate and I snapped some photos of a workshop going on. You are not allowed to take photos of the exhibits, but I was itching to photograph SOMETHING besides the outside of the building. As it turns out, they have these projects that the public can work on that simulate some of Andy's processes on Saturday afternoons. Our options for the day were pen and ink drawings with muted watercolors - which looked cool, but, not when we had the option to screen print! It got me really excited for my upcoming classes, and gave me some new ideas. There were three screen options - cat, dog, and rabbit. Bryan and Matt printed cats, and I went for the rabbit. I was feeling Easter Bunny love, so, I went to town cutting and`pasting brightly colored paper inside the pencil lines I had drawn using the bunny shaped stencil they had. You were to trace the general outline so you knew where to put the cut up paper and where to line up the screen. It was pretty cool seeing people of all ages using safety scissors and Elmer's glue and concentrating and pulling the squeegee of ink and waiting for the girls holding them to nod and help them peel away their new artwork. I snapped several photos of that room, and loved the photo of one of Andy's dachshunds. I learned that he had two of them at one point. Their sweaters and things were in a display case in one of the rooms. Aw.

I took some video of two diy drummers outside of the Penguin's game, which had just let out. Fans in brightly colored jerseys poured into the streets and kept mobbing through our green lights so we could not cross.

On the drive home, we saw a beautiful candy colored sky.


UniqueNurseGranny said...

What a trip.Love the sunset

LazyTcrochet said...

Wow, sounds fun! My hubby is from the Pgh. area. We both grew up in PA. The strip district is the place to be on a Saturday. It's mostly food and cool grocery stuff. It sounds like you found the perfect place for you though!