Thursday, August 28, 2008

coffee cup cozy, anyone?

my fondness for all things coffee related intensified until i found myself watching youtube videos of amazing baristas who create latte art. i decided then and there that i wanted to work a little side job at a coffee shop until i could rightfully add "barista" to my list of skillz.

of course, being around all of that delicious smelling espresso makes me daydream of crafty things like coffee cup cozies, which are more sustainable than throwing away cardboard sleeves which people use to protect their hands from the hot hot coffee. i started knitting a batch of cup cozies with some of the handspun yarn that etsy spinstress banadura spun for me a few months ago. i am super happy with how cute they have come out and am slowly adding them to my etsy shop.

p.s. i do not work for caribou or starbucks, just for the record. i work for a small independently owned shop on the west side and everyone there is wonderful! i did, however, cheat on them today and go to a chain for a campfire mocha. shhh! don't tell!

holiday notebooks

i added some holiday themed recycled paper notepads to my etsy shop. they have various christmas and holiday greetings inside that i typed with my old typewriter. they say things like "happy holidays!" and "merry christmas" as well as "bah humbug." and "warm wishes this holiday season". i thought they might be fun to send people instead of or in addition to holiday cards as a fun, different kind of holiday greeting. they are also cute little stocking stuffers, office gifts, and can be personalized for pretty much any occasion.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

august appeared out of no where

hello hello!

i have finally caught up on all of my pre and post moving etsy sales, so everything purchased has been sent, and is officially on the way to the purchaser. this is an enormous relief to me, because i really don't like getting behind with all of that stuff!

anyhoozle, i have added some new things to the shop, including new HandMade Recycled NotePads with some really fun covers, and some old zines i wrote and independently published back in the day, aka, what feels like forever ago but is actually only maybe 7 or 8 years ago. rereading these old stories makes me feel both like a totally different person, and also like im still twenty and have all the hope in the world. [i wish!]

ch-ch-check it out, if you are so inclined.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

only 3 days left to vote

for photos to be in the next jpg magazine.
my entry for the geometry category is here.