Thursday, August 28, 2008

coffee cup cozy, anyone?

my fondness for all things coffee related intensified until i found myself watching youtube videos of amazing baristas who create latte art. i decided then and there that i wanted to work a little side job at a coffee shop until i could rightfully add "barista" to my list of skillz.

of course, being around all of that delicious smelling espresso makes me daydream of crafty things like coffee cup cozies, which are more sustainable than throwing away cardboard sleeves which people use to protect their hands from the hot hot coffee. i started knitting a batch of cup cozies with some of the handspun yarn that etsy spinstress banadura spun for me a few months ago. i am super happy with how cute they have come out and am slowly adding them to my etsy shop.

p.s. i do not work for caribou or starbucks, just for the record. i work for a small independently owned shop on the west side and everyone there is wonderful! i did, however, cheat on them today and go to a chain for a campfire mocha. shhh! don't tell!

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tara said...

What a great use for little bits of handspun!