Friday, January 18, 2008

I started a hat.

I am officially addicted to knitting and ravelry in that order. I have been feeding my yarn habit and have several new projects in the works. I also finished a small scarf from the hand spun, hand dyed yarn I bought from Banadura on etsy.

I attempted the drop stitch in a scarf I started making with super soft and fuzzy Angel Hair yarn. I don't necessarily know if I like how it is coming out so far. It seems quite busy with the dropped stitch designs and the color blocking. I may have to stick to either using the turquoise or using the muli-color yarn if I want to keep the stitch pattern.

I finally picked up the right size circular needles to start a hat and I think the licorice yarn I am working with is a really easy yarn to work with as a newbie. Plus, I loooove the colors.

1 comment: said...

that first scarf is extra purdy colorful yum!
good luck with the hat too, you are so cool! :)