Monday, January 28, 2008

I hope this doesn't ruin the suprise...

Hi again. Here is a quick update on things I have been working on.

I finished the purple scarf I was knitting as a suprise for Shellie. I had planned on taking it with me to give her in person since I thought I was going to zip off to Los Angeles for the weekend - however - my little dog got sick and after a late night emergency trip to the vet, I decided to stay home and keep and eye on her. So, I finished up the scarf, snapped some photos, and will be posting them to my ravelry notebook shortly [so many things to do this busy Monday afternoon!]. I dropped it in the mail on Friday, so I hope she gets some use out of it before it goes back to the tropical California gorgeousness that they have practically year round. And in case you were wondering, Heidi is all better - I babied her quite a bit and I'm sure she adored it.

I did a lot of sewing over the weekend, and added squash and zucchini to my vegetable line of kids toys. I also made up a few more baskets, which I will be listing throughout the week.

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yay i'm glad heidi is ok :) cute scarf and veggies!