Sunday, December 30, 2007

I learned to knit from this guy.

I knitted my first scarf over the weekend. I have made several failed attempts to learn how to knit in the past, but the other day I was determined, and learned from a You Tube video that this guy posted. Was it the combination of orange yarn and teal needles? Perhaps.

I watched it several times, and his second video, and then I finally got it.

At this point, I can only garter stitch, so I was pretty limited as far as patterns go. I went with this pattern, and used black super thick wool yarn and size 17 needles. It came out pretty well, though I only used one skein and so it is not very long. It is pretty stretchy and soft, so I think it will make a nice gift for my dad.

I also knitted a scarflette for his wife, using a blue yarn and a novely fun fur yarn together. I still have to sew the buttons on, but it came out looking really fun and different, which is what I wanted!

I haven't stopped there, either. I knit a headband type of thing that will felt when I wash it. I fell in love with the colors of the yarn, so I needed to see it as something, anything.

Ditto with this gorgeous shades of blue, white, and purple "licorice" yarn that I have started knitting a thinner scarf for myself with.

I need to learn another stitch, quick!

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