Friday, March 07, 2008

another snowy weekend

yet another blizzard is upon us today in northeast ohio, so i decided to make some belly warming pasta. i pretty much improvised the recipe, because it seemed easy enough to just wing it.

i had some morning star farms starter tofu crumbles in the freezer, so i put some olive oil in a pan and cooked a few pieces of onion and some garlic in it until they were nice and aromatic. i added the tofu crumbles, and "browned" it, even though it was already brown. so i guess i should say that i heated it up, and then added the leftover tomato basil marinara i had. meanwhile, i was also boiling the penne, and sliced some fresh mozarella balls that i had in the fridge in a little tub with olive oil and herbs. once my pasta was ready, i layered some sauce, then some grated parmesan, then some frozen spinach, then some pasta, then some more sauce, and the mozarella halves on top. i used my special little green dish that holds enough for 2-3 people. some of the cheese bubbled over the side. it took about twenty-five minutes or so in a 350 degree oven, and came out really well.

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minimeg said...

mmm, looks and sounds good! I can't say no to pasta :)